Tandem Speaking Lab – 2017 Edition

Logo_MPTU_2018Want to improve your speaking skills in Mandarin Chinese and practice with native speakers of your age? Want to have the opportunity to enrich your life by meeting new friends? Join our Tandem Speaking Lab – Tandem di Conversazione Italo-Cinese – and meet with the Chinese students of the 2017 Marco Polo/Turandot Program at the University of Pavia.

This year’s edition’s featuring a number of changes, the highlight is the staging of a short performance, to be played during Cairoli High School’s last day on June 9th. The school is organizing a show with focus on the relations between China and Italy. You have the unique chance to be on stage on June 9th and perform together with your peers. New activities will be designed in order to respond to the real needs of learners, with large use of technologies and social networking. Our aim is to create a bond among peers and encourage cross-cultural exchange.


Classes will be held at Cairoli High School, Corso Mazzini 7 in Pavia, Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. You will be assigned to a conversation group and go through the activities with the help of a language tutor. We ensure participants that the speakers ratio will be at least 1:3, so that you won’t have to work within excessively large groups of people.

If you are interested in this project and want to sign up for activities, please send an email to marcopolo@unipv.it with your personal information and your proficiency level of Mandarin Chinese. You have the possibility to pick a day of attendance (or even both). However, students may be re-assigned to a different group in case applications are off balance.

Please note: students at Cairoli High School should also attach the informed consent signed by their legal guardian which will be provided by professor Claudia Ambrosini.

UPDATE: Beginning of classes has been postponed to March 14th due to technical reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience.